Tell Your State Senator to Support the Reproductive FACT Act

Having laws on the books that protect reproductive freedom are important, but it’s not enough.

Those laws don’t mean as much when women don’t know about them. That’s why NARAL Pro-Choice California, Black Women for Wellness, and Attorney General Kamala Harris are sponsoring a bill that ensures California women have the information they need to make informed decisions and get timely access to legitimate reproductive-health care.

Urge your state senator to ensure all women get the reproductive-health care they need.

Here's the text of the letter we'll be sending your senators.

In California, we’re lucky to have great laws that protect a woman’s right to choose and provide assistance to people who can’t afford it. But even today, many women are unaware of the truly comprehensive support the state has to offer. AB 775 will ensure that women seeking care at a reproductive health clinic are informed that the state can cover abortion care, contraception, and prenatal care.

It’s not just money that keeps women from accessing legitimate health care. Anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) in California are using false advertising to lure in women, then using lies and manipulation to block women from choosing abortion care or using contraception. CPCs often pose as comprehensive reproductive-healthcare clinics, but they are staffed by volunteers with no medical qualifications. This bill helps connect women with real medical providers, and ensures that if they walk into an unlicensed facility—one that tells them lies, such as abortion causes breast cancer or infertility—that they know they’re not talking to a medical professional.

I urge you to support AB 775.

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