Hold House Republicans' feet to the fire for Trumpcare

House Republicans passed the disastrous replacement for the Affordable Care Act, and Trump has promised to sign the bill if it passes the Senate. Today, the CBO score on the plan was released and it proves what we've known about Trumpcare: that millions of Americans will lose their coverage and the wealthiest Americans will get massive tax cuts.

Every version of Trumpcare has received a poor CBO score. No matter how you spin it, they've voted to increase out-of-pocket costs for services like maternity care and effectively ensured that those with pre-existing conditions will experience continued premium spikes that will make it impossible to afford care.

House Republicans pushed through a bad healthcare plan without consulting a necessary, non-partisan budget agency's score on how this plan will affect Americans. Instead, they were more concerned with lining the pockets of millionaires and billionaires.

We cannot allow the Republicans and Trump to strip away healthcare from some of the most vulnerable Americans to benefit the wealthy. Let's hold them accountable for their dangerous decision.

Remind House Republicans that we will not forget their actions. Send a note to shame the Republican party for standing against millions of Americans. 

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