Senate Judiciary Committee: Ask about John Bush's appalling record!

We need help encouraging committee members to thoroughly review John Bush's history by asking one or more of the following questions:

  • Why did you choose to hide your identity behind a pseudonym when writing in opposition to reproductive freedom, LGBTQ rights, and other important issues?
  • Writing under a pseudonym, you wrote that abortion and slavery "the two greatest tragedies in our country." Do you still believe that?
  • Writing under a pseudonym, you applauded Mike Huckabee’s statements that he believes "life begins at conception" and that he "strongly disagrees" with LGBTQ advocates on "the idea of same-sex marriage." Do you agree that life begins at conception? And do you disagree with marriage equality?
  • In a brief, you took the side of the Virginia Military Institute, which wanted to continue excluding women from the school. Do you believe that women should be discriminated against in education?

Pick any question(s) for John Bush and send it directly to members of the Senate Judiciary committee to ask during the hearing.

Copy and paste your question(s) in the box below after the message and submit directly to the Senate Judicial committee.

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