Tell your senator to vote NO on Pompeo!

Mike Pompeo is the nominee for secretary of state and it should be no surprise that his extremist agenda threatens reproductive freedom.

This is who Trump has nominated and is headed to a Senate confirmation, Pompeo:

  • Repeatedly voted in favor of the Global Gag Rule, which bans overseas clinics from receiving U.S. aid for providing abortion services or take a public pro-choice stance.
  • Voted to end international family-planning services for women living in extreme poverty around the world.
  • Co-sponsored legislation that would make abortion illegal nationwide in almost all cases and ban some of the most common forms of contraception, stem-cell research, and in vitro fertilization. 
  • Opposes access to abortion care, even in cases of rape.

Giving Pompeo the reins to our State Department, would put women and girls around the world in danger.

Tell your senators: Vote NO on Mike Pompeo’s confirmation as Secretary of State.

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