Tell the University of California to stop allowing religion to interfere with patients’ health and safety

Imagine being denied access to essential healthcare because of religious interference. 

That’s exactly what’s happening here in California: The University of California (UC) — one of the largest healthcare providers in the state — allows religious restrictions that prohibit UC medical professionals from providing essential reproductive healthcare services, including LGBTQ-inclusive care, abortion care, miscarriage management, tubal ligation, and contraception, the consequences of which can be life-threatening.

In fact, every single UC campus with a medical center has already made agreements with religious hospitals that include language that specifically subjects UC personnel, trainees, and patients to religiously-imposed limits on care.

No one should be denied healthcare because of religious interference. As a public healthcare institution, UC has an obligation to ensure that patients receive appropriate care. Failure to provide this care is not only wrong, it puts Californians’ health in real jeopardy.

Tell the University of California to stop allowing religion to dictate the health and safety of their patients. Send your message now!

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