Tell Rep. Marsha Blackburn: End the special committee attacking Planned Parenthood

The committee “investigating” Planned Parenthood for supposed wrongdoing has crossed a line.

This week, its chair, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), issued a new round of subpoenas to medical companies for the names of anyone involved in fetal tissue research, effectively putting a target on the backs of researchers, students and lab techs.

It’s wildly irresponsible for this committee to undermine the privacy of fetal tissue researchers, whose lives could be put at risk by having their names and identities connected to the false allegations put forth by this committee.

Exposing people involved in fetal tissue research to harassment and intimidation is not just wrong. It’s dangerous and irresponsible.

Tell Rep. Marsha Blackburn to dismantle her committee attacking women’s health.

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