Tell the Senate: Drop "personhood" from the GOP tax plan!

Anti-choice politicians will stop at nothing to advance their goal to ban abortion. Now they're even putting dangerous "personhood" language in the GOP tax bill—language that redefines who a "person" is under the law.

This is the same scheme politicians use to grant corporations the same rights as people, or grant a fetus the same rights as a child or adult. And no surprise, it's intention is often to outlaw abortion and at times, even birth control.

The GOP's stunt is clear. They're desperate to codify their ideological definition of when life begins into law, laying the groundwork for future laws to use that same definition to ban abortion outright. This is another step in the anti-choice strategy—from trying to pass unconstitutional abortion bans to confirming radical, anti-choice judicial nominees—to overturn Roe v. Wade.

We can't let the anti-choice Republicans win.

Add your name: Demand the Senate stand up against this anti-choice scheme in the tax bill.

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