Demand The Atlantic fire this sexist, racist man!

The Atlantic has just hired columnist Kevin Williamson, who advocates for capital punishment for anyone who's had an abortion.

Williamson has even gone as far to say "I believe that the law should treat abortion like any other homicide...I have hanging more in mind." He believes that women should be punished by death penalty for making a decision about their bodily autonomy—one that has an effect on our economic status, families, and bodies.

The Atlantic's editor-in-chief excuses Williamson's grim history of misogyny, saying he's merely "controversial" and that everybody deserves a "second chance." We're partnering with UltraViolet in the face of this injustice—we refuse to remain silent as a well-renowned publication gives a national platform to a racist, misogynist, right-wing extremist.

Add your name to demand The Atlantic FIRE bigot Kevin Williamson immediately.

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