Demand Health and Human Services drop the "domestic gag rule!"

The Trump administration plans to impose a gag rule on healthcare providers who receive family planning funds—banning them from providing referrals and making it impossible for patients to get birth control or preventive care from providers who offer comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

Sound familiar? Trump already instated a global gag rule for U.S. funding overseas, and now the administration is trying to stop doctors from giving their patients complete, accurate information in the U.S.

This "domestic gag rule" would be a radical departure from the way healthcare has operated in the United States until now. It would keep women from having information about all their options and from getting the best care possible. This is a huge threat to reproductive rights.

This might have Trump and Mike Pence's name all over it, but Health and Human Services Director Alex Azar is leading this dangerous crusade and it must be stopped. We're calling him out and demanding the administration backs off our reproductive rights.

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