Demand CNN, the New York Times, and debate moderators #AskAboutAbortion

During the last two presidential debates, not a SINGLE question was asked about abortion.

We’re calling on the debate moderators with CNN and the New York Times to ask questions about abortion and reproductive freedom during the next week’s presidential debate.

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Questions moderators should ask: 

  • Do you have a plan to codify the rights enshrined in Roe and reverse the erosion of abortion access?
  • If you become president, would you repeal the Hyde Amendment?
  • If Roe is overturned, what is your plan to ensure everyone has access to abortion care, even if individual states decide to ban abortion?
  • What will you do to help ensure abortion and reproductive health care services are more accessible for everyone?  
  • Will you commit to undoing Trump's damage to reproductive freedom by repealing the global gag rule?
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