Demand Facebook Stop Medical Disinformation

The anti-choice lobby is spewing vicious lies about abortion — all based in fear-mongering and deception. And right now, Facebook is not only complicit in this assault on truth, they’re actively enabling disinformation by refusing to fact-check blatantly false claims. 

As a social media site, and primary news provider for many, Facebook has an ethical responsibility to fact-check these posts and prevent blatant disinformation from spreading on its platform.

Without truth on their side, anti-choice extremists are counting on complacency to peddle their ridiculous claims in order to mislead the public and influence elections. And Facebook is letting them.

Add your name to demand Facebook take action immediately to combat anti-abortion disinformation >>

Facebook has an ethical responsibility to fact-check false medical claims that are clearly meant to provoke outrage, fear, and confusion. Without the platform holding people and outlets accountable for their attacks on truth, Facebook is enabling the spread of anti-abortion disinformation.

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