Tell Gov. Sandoval to say YES to affordable and accessible birth control

In the past, one out of every five women went without healthcare because of high costs and lack of access. But healthcare reform changed that, helping women get the affordable birth control they need. Now Congress is trying to take that all away.

Nevada has a chance to lead on protecting affordable and accessible birth control. A bill will soon be on Governor Sandoval's desk—AB 249—that would help protect access and keep costs low.

AB 249 removes co-pays for birth control and expands access to women’s healthcare needs, especially in Nevada’s rural areas, by allowing Nevadans the option of getting 12 months of birth control at once. And for families living from paycheck to paycheck, AB 249 gives them an affordable option for responsible family planning.

Add your name. Tell Gov. Sandoval to help Nevada lead the way for women’s healthcare by signing AB249.

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