Share your story about fake women’s health centers

More than 2,700 fake women's health centers exist in every single state. In most states, fake women's health centers far outnumber licensed clinics that truly offer women the full range of healthcare options, including abortion.1 And these fake women's health centers advertise that they provide pregnancy-related healthcare services -- except these centers are not truthful about the what they do, services they actually provide, and their goal to intentionally deceive pregnant women and families.

Have you had an experience with a fake women's health center where they lied to you about healthcare? Would you be willing to share your personal story?

Now more than ever it's vitally important to share personal stories that reveal that the ultimate goal of fake women's health centers is to intentionally deceive pregnant women and families. Sharing personal stories is a critical way to help end the lies and let other women and families know the truth about these fake women's health centers.

The more of us that rise up against these centers' deception, the more timely and unbiased information can reach women and families about their options. Speak out against these fake women's health centers and share your experience >>

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